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Why branded content is king

Why branded content is king

We all skip ads, right? Well, I have to make the argument that it depends on the kind of ad and the content. For whatever reason, we do not want to be bombarded with stuff to buy. However, I will make the case that branded content that is advertised captures the attention of people in a way that regular content selling you a product or service does not.

For example, when we see ads that resemble more of a story or offer us an item for free, we do not have the same reaction as when we are presented with content whose sole goal is to sell us a product or service.

The reality is that advertising is like building any kind of relationship because to establish a relationship, you must first give. You give instead of asking, and by giving, a new relationship is built.

This concept took me a while to understand, but I finally figured it out. When you give to people who do not know you via the internet, they feel like they can trust you, and they should because you are providing them with value. When you give value, people listen.

Branded content is king because it showcases the benefits of your product or service without immediately pressuring the person consuming your content to make a purchase. When you create content that resonates with your audience, whether it’s in the form of video, audio, or written content, your audience becomes your customers over time.

That’s why it’s not a good idea to fall for ads promising heaven and earth combined, claiming that they will generate numerous leads and increase your revenue. The reality is that good, long-term marketing surpasses quick fixes.

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